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Russian music videos with lyrics in Russian and English

Discover Russian music: Listening to the music from a new country is always a great experience. That's why we recommend you these music videos. This is an entertaining way to find new sounds and be familiar with part of the Russian culture. Nowadays, music is quite similar all around the world, so you'll find that most these songs and the music from your own country aren't very different. Yet, there's always something: part of the Russian culture ends up appearing in a song. Try to find that something here.


Song: Выбирать чудо: Choosing a miracle

Singer/band:  Нюша

Read here the lyrics in Russian + translation

Learn Russian with all these music videos
Here you'll find different bands and singers. Most of them are well know in Russian speaking countries. If you want to know about a country, its culture and its language, you have to know about their music. In order to make your life easier, each song comes with the lyrics both in Russian and English.

Анастаси́я Сто́цкая
Ве́ны, ре́ки

Чай вдвоём
(I'm sorry)

Та́нцы ми́нус
(The city)

Выбира́ть чу́до
(Choosing a miracle)

How can I learn Russian by listening to music? Here you have a collection of songs where you'll find the lyrics in Russian and the English translation. Listen to a song while you read the lyrics and repeat the process a few times (not necessarily the same day). Afterwards, listen to the song trying to remember every word. This is a good exercise, both for listening comprehension and vocabulary building. Try playing the songs in the background while you do other things and, if you feel like it, sing along. Once you can sing a whole song, you'll be remembering many new words at once.

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