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Russian course - Lesson 8

Russian course
Basic Russian for beginners

Lesson 8: I don't know who my best friend is

In this lesson you will learn:

  • all Russian possessive pronouns
  • how to write Russian adjectives for any gender
Useful phrase in Russian

Useful phrase in Russian

Listen and repeat the following sentence:

Я не зна́ю, кто мой лу́чший друг
ya nye zná-yu kto moj Lúch-shij druk
I don't know who my best friend is

How to read Russian: After 8 lessons you already know how to say many things in Russian. But, can you read Russian? If you still can't, we recommend our course "how to read in Russian". You can click here to go to lesson 1

Russian vocabulary

Russian vocabulary

Read, listen and repeat the basic vocabulary of this lesson:










mother / father

мать / отец

mat' / a-tyéts




daughter / son

дочь / сын

doch / syn

sister / brother

сестра́ / брат

syes-trá / brat

friend (female) / friend (male)

подру́га / друг

druk / pa-drú-ga




better (adv.)



best (adj.)









Russian dialogues

Dialogues in Russian

These dialogues will help you memorise this lesson's vocabulary:

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Russian grammar

Russian grammar

Read the following grammar explanations for this lesson:

The possessive pronouns in Russian

Here you will find complete a list with the Russian possessive pronouns, sorted in two groups:

  • Only one thing is possessed (book) which is possessed by one person (my book) or many people (our book).
  • Many things are possessed (books) which are possessed by one person (my books) or many people (our books).

one thing possessed

мой / моя́ / моё = my

твой / твоя́ / твоё = your

его = his

её = her

наш / на́ша / на́ше = our

ваш / ва́ша / ва́ше = your

их = their

Examples for "one thing possessed"

Э́то мой фильм = This is my movie

Э́то моя́ кни́га = This is my book

Э́то моё сокро́вище = This is my treasure

Э́то её кни́га = This is her book

Э́то его́ кни́га = This is his book

Э́то наш оте́ц = This is our father

Э́то на́ша дочь = This is our daughter

Э́то на́ше сокро́вище = This is our treasure

Э́то их оте́ц = This is their father

Э́то их дочь = This is their daughter

More than one thing possessed

мои́ = my

твои́ = your

его́ = his

её = her

на́ши = our

ва́ши = your

их = their

Examples for "more than one thing possessed":

Э́то мои́ фи́льмы = These are my movies

Э́то мои́ кни́ги = These are my books

Э́то мои́ сокро́вища = These are my treasures

Э́то её кни́ги = These are her books

Э́то его́ кни́ги = These are his books

Э́то на́ши отцы́ = These are our fathers

Э́то на́ши до́чери = These are our daughters

Э́то на́ши сокро́вища = These are our treasures

Э́то их отцы́ = These are their fathers

Э́то их до́чери = These are their daughters

The adjectives in Russian

In lesson 1 we told you that nouns in Russian have gender (masculine, feminine or neuter). Adjectives in Russian also have gender, which means that an adjective has a different ending for each gender. Have a look at these examples:


  • Мой хоро́ший / люби́мый / большо́й магази́н = My good / favourite / big shop


  • Моя́ хоро́шая / люби́мая / больша́я кни́га = My good / favourite / big book


  • Моё хоро́шее / люби́мое / большо́е сокро́вище = My good / favourite / big treasure


  • Мои́ хоро́шие / люби́мые / больши́е магази́ны = My good / favourite / big shops
Russian test


Check how much you have learnt in this lesson:

Number of correct answers on the first try.

    1. Complete the sentence: Ты моё ...

    2. Complete the sentence: Мать и оте́ц - э́то ...

    3. How do you say "my best female friend"?

    4. How do you say "she is my friend"?

    5. What is the plural of "друг"?

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