Legal Notices and Cookies

Legal Notices

Below are our contact details:

José A. Santiago Tomás (J.A.S.T.)
C/Soria 13, Bajo D
33209 Gijón, Asturias

Intellectual Property

The source code, graphic designs, images, animations, software, texts, databases, as well as the information and content found on the domain are the property of José A. Santiago Tomás (J.A.S.T.) or its providers, and the total or partial reproduction, publication, computer processing, distribution, public communication, modification, or transformation of the website is not allowed without the prior written permission of José A. Santiago Tomás (J.A.S.T.).

The user may only use the material appearing on this website for their personal and private use, and commercial use or engagement in activities contrary to the law is prohibited.

Origin and Use of Images

The images displayed on this website are either proprietary creations or photographs with CC0 licenses from platforms such as Pexels ( or Pixabay (, as well as public domain images. These images have been selected and exclusively used for educational purposes.

We acknowledge and respect the intellectual property rights of content creators and photographers, and we have made every effort to ensure that all images used on this website comply with copyright laws and regulations. Any unintentional use of copyrighted material is purely inadvertent, and we are committed to addressing any concerns promptly.

If you believe that an image on this website infringes your copyright or intellectual property rights, please contact us immediately with relevant details, and we will take appropriate action to rectify the situation.

Our intention is to operate this website with the utmost integrity and compliance with all applicable copyright laws and regulations. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Terms of Use of the Website

Use of the website implies full and unconditional acceptance of each and every provision included in this Legal Notice at the moment the User accesses the page. Therefore, the user must carefully read this Legal Notice.

1. may modify or update the information contained on its website, as well as its configuration, presentation, and access conditions, without prior notice.

2. All information, photos, and data on this website have no contractual value and may be modified without prior notice according to the will of

3. The User agrees to use the website in accordance with the law and this Legal Notice, as well as with generally accepted morals and good customs and public order.

4. guarantees that all content and services offered on respect the principle of human dignity, the principle of non-discrimination on grounds of race, sex, religion, opinion, nationality, disability, or any other personal and social circumstance, as well as the principle of youth and childhood protection.

5. commits to NOT ENGAGE IN DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING. Formal or numerical errors found in the content of different sections of the website will not be considered deceptive advertising. commits to correcting such errors as soon as it becomes aware of them.

6. commits to NOT SEND COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SUCH, as provided in Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

Information sent to clients will not be considered commercial communication, provided it aims to maintain the existing contractual relationship between the client and and to perform information and other activities related to the service that the client may contract with the company. In some cases, we will communicate with our clients and users to inform them about resources we provide for studying Russian.

7. Both access to this website and the use that may be made of the information contained therein is the sole responsibility of the user. will not be held responsible for any consequences, damages, or harm that may arise from such access or use of the information. is not responsible for any security errors that may occur or for any damage that may be caused to the user's computer system (hardware and software), files, or documents stored on it, as a result of the presence of viruses on the user's computer used to connect to the website's services and content, malfunctioning of the browser, or use of outdated versions thereof.

8. All third-party links to this website must link to its homepage or main entry point.

9. and the user, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction, submit to the courts and tribunals of the user's domicile for any disputes that may arise from access to this website. In the event that the user has their domicile outside of Spain, and the user submit, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the city of Gijón (Spain).

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file that is installed on your computer terminal (or another device, such as a mobile phone) through websites that you visit.

What Cookies Are Used For

Cookies are widely used to track visitor activity on websites to improve them by storing and retrieving user navigation data. Cookies are also used to provide information about user navigation to website owners and their collaborators in order to analyze their use of the website and customize content.

Important Information about How We Use Cookies

Cookies are used for statistical, functional, and service improvement purposes through the analysis of user navigation data on our website. We may use cookies to store certain login data, but never passwords. Cookies can make it easier for the user to log in, navigate, and use the website on future visits.

Used Cookies

Below are the cookies set by this website and the purpose for which each one is used:

Essential Cookies

These cookies are strictly necessary for your website to function properly and therefore cannot be disabled by your users.

Cookie Name Provider Description
__cf_bm Cloudflare Cloudflare places the cookie on end-user devices accessing customer sites protected by Bot Management or Bot Fight Mode.
ASP.NET_SessionId .NET Platform Used by Microsoft .NET-based sites to maintain an anonymized user session on the server. This cookie expires at the end of a browsing session determined by the application's configuration.
ASP.NET_SessionId .NET Platform Used by Microsoft .NET-based sites to maintain an anonymized user session on the server. This cookie expires at the end of a browsing session determined by the application's configuration.
Advertising Cookies

These cookies are used to make advertising messages more relevant to users. They perform functions such as preventing the same ad from continuously appearing, ensuring that ads are displayed correctly for advertisers, and in some cases, selecting ads based on user interests.

Cookie Name Provider Description
_cc_id Lotame Used by Lotame to collect anonymous statistical data related to a user's visits to the website.
_cc_dc Lotame Used by Lotame to store an indicator informing them of the data center where a profile originated (for international operations).
test_cookie DoubleClick A session cookie used to check if the user's browser supports cookies.
__gads Google AD Manager Set by Google Ad Manager on a site to help measure how a user interacts with ads on that domain and prevent the same ads from being shown to the user too many times.
Analysis and Personalization Cookies

These cookies collect information used to help understand how your website is used, the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and to help personalize your website for users.

Cookie Name Provider Description
_ga Google Analytics Registers a unique ID used to collect data on a user's website usage.
_ga_# Google Analytics Used to distinguish individual users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier, allowing for the calculation of visits and sessions.
__stid ShareThis The __stid cookie is set as part of the ShareThis service and monitors user activity, such as visited web pages, navigation from one page to another, and time spent on each page, etc.
cq_blank.gif Data 9
__gpi Google Tracks user interaction with Google products.
Performance and Functionality Cookies

These cookies are used to improve the performance and functionality of your website but are not essential for its use. However, without these cookies, certain features (such as videos) may become unavailable.

Cookie Name Provider Description
AWSALBCORS Amazon Web Services To provide continued support for CORS use cases after the Chromium update, we create additional persistent cookies for each of these duration-based persistence features called AWSALBCORS (ALB).
AWSALB Amazon Web Services These cookies allow us to allocate server traffic to ensure the smoothest possible user experience. A load balancer is used to determine which server currently has the best availability. The generated information cannot identify you as an individual.
st_shares_# WordPress Used to improve the performance of displaying an online catalog.


Here you will find complete information about Google, and their cookies and privacy policies:

How to Disable Cookies

In order to comply with current legislation, we are required to request your permission to manage cookies. If you decide not to authorize the processing of cookies by indicating your non-compliance, we will only use cookies that are essential for navigating our website. In this case, we will not store any cookies. If you continue to browse our website without denying your authorization, it implies that you accept their use.

Please note that if you reject or delete browsing cookies, we will not be able to retain your preferences, some page features will not be operational, we will not be able to offer you personalized services, and each time you browse our website, we will have to request your authorization again for the use of cookies.

If you do not wish to receive cookies in general, or if you want to reject only certain cookies, you will need to change your browser settings according to your preferences. However, each browser is different, so you will need to consult your browser's "Help" menu to learn how to change cookie preferences.