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Do you want to improve your Russian? Learning vocabulary is important in order to understand what you read and hear. These exercises will help you with it.

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Russian vocabulary video

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Learn Russian vocabulary with these exercises

Choose a topic and put your knowledge to the test. Try to get all questions right before moving on to the next exercise.

How many Russian words should I know? That's a frequently asked question when it comes to learning a foreign language. It is said that knowing 1000 words in any language are enough for your everyday conversation, while 3000 words are sufficient to understand any newspaper and watch a film comfortably. The vocabulary exercises we offer here will help you with the task of learning new words.

The number of words you have to know also depends on your needs. If you read children books you wouldn't need to know as many words as when you read a book on economics. It's not the same having a conversation with a friend and having it with a stranger. In different situations we use a different words. So, in order to find out which Russian vocabulary you need to know, just practise in those situations where you'll be speaking, listening or reading Russian.

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