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Are you looking for original ideas to learn Russian?: Have a look below and you will find what you are looking for. From comics in Russian with translation, to music videos.

Music videos in Russian

Music videos: When you listen to Russian songs you're training your listening comprehension, and you can study while enjoying. We have included with each song the original lyrics plus the English translation.

Cartoons with vocabulary list

Russian cartoons: Forget for a while about lessons, grammar and exercises. This is a fun way to learn a language. Besides, in each episode you'll find a full transcription of the Russian dialogues and a table with useful vocabulary.

Comics with translations

Russian comics: Learning a language reading comics? Of course! The pictures help you understand the story and, besides, we've translated the texts. Have a look at this section, where you'll find the following:

  • Comic strips from Garfield: The most famous cat speaks Russian.
  • Comic strips from Dilbert: Funny situations working in the office.
Forum of Russian language

Russian forum: You don't have to be in Moscow or Saint Petersburg to have Russian friends! If you have any question regarding the language, culture and history of Russia or about the Soviet Union or about travelling to Ukraine,... this is your forum.

The Cyrillic alphabet

Russian alphabet: Listen here to each letter of the Cyrillic alphabet. Also, we help you with examples: for each letter we show you 5 examples of Russian words, so you get used to its sound. As always, the audio has been recorded by native speakers.

Podcasts to learn Russian with audio

Podcasts in Russian: Improve your Russian by listening to these podcasts. They are short articles on all kinds of topics, that include audio in Russian and vocabulary notes.

Questions and answers about the Russian language

Questions and Answers: Find an answer to your doubts about Russian grammar and vocabulary. We have gathered here the most interesting questions and explanations.

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