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Lesson 10: Prepositional

Part 1 - The prepositional case of nouns

!! This course requires basic knowledge of Russian. If this is not your case, we recommend you our Basic Russian Course.

Introduction to Russian cases

Introduction to the prepositional case

When is the prepositional case used?

Generally, we use the prepositional case...

  • with the prepositions в y на (on / in / at): Я в шко́ле - I'm at school / Моя́ кни́га на столе́ - My book is on the table
  • with the preposition о (about): Я ду́маю о тебе́ - I'm thinking about you

What will we learn in this lesson?

We are going to learn the prepositional case of different nouns and pronouns.

Russian vocabulary

Russian vocabulary

Read, listen and repeat the vocabulary of this lesson:

If you still don't know how to read the Cyrillic alphabet, visit our course on how to read Russian.

предло́жный паде́ж

prepositional case


business trip




stove, cooker






to meet


village, countryside










to bathe






vacation, holiday


to wish, to dream of




trip, journey


country house

Russian dialogues

Dialogues in Russian

Read, listen and pay attention to the cases used

Extra help: highliged cases + tables

We have highlighted the words in prepositional. You can also look up these grammar tables while you read the dialogues:

*These tables will open in a new window

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Russian grammar

Russian grammar

Read the following grammar summary. We will learn the cases from this lesson.

The instrumental Case: Nouns

In the dialogues we have seen examples of Prepositional Case (Prep.) in nouns. Below we will learn more about it

Nouns in singular

We have highlighted the endings in the tables for each gender.

Masculine: -е>

  • Э́то мой стол (Nom.).
    This is my table.
  • Я ду́маю о моём столе́ (Prep.).
    I think about my table.

Feminine: -е -и -ии

  • Э́то моя́ соба́ка (Nom.).
    This is my dog.
  • Я ду́маю о мое́й соба́ке (Prep.).
    I think about my dog.

Neuter: -е -ии

  • Э́то моё окно́ (Nom).
    This is my window.
  • Я ду́маю о моём окне́ (Prep.).
    I think about my window.

Nouns in plural

We have highlighted the endings in the tables for each gender.

Masculine: -ах -ях

  • Э́то мои́ столы́ (Nom.).
    These are my tables.
  • Я ду́маю о мои́х стола́х (Prep.).
    I think about my tables.

Feminine: -ах -ях

  • Э́то мои́ соба́ки (Nom.).
    These are my dogs.
  • Я ду́маю о мои́х соба́ках (Prep.).
    I think about my dogs.

Neuter: -ах -ях

  • Э́то мои́ о́кна (Nom).
    These are my windows.
  • Я ду́маю о мои́х о́кнах (Prep.).
    I think about my windows.

Exception: prepositional with ending -у

There are some masculine nouns that have two prepositional cases

  1. Regular: it has the ending -е
    • Я ду́маю о са́де = I'm thinking about the garden
  2. Irregular: it has the ending -у. We used it ONLY when meaning "location" (with prepositions в/на)
    • Моя́ книга́ была́ в саду́ = My book was in the garden
  • аэропо́рт (airport) - в аэропорту́
  • бе́рег (shore, river bank) - на берегу́
  • лёд (ice) - на льду́
  • год (year) - на льду́
  • лес (forest) - в лесу́
  • пол (floor) -на полу́
  • сад (garden) - в саду́
  • снег (snow) - в/на снегу́
  • у́гол (corner) - в/на углу́
  • шкаф (wardrobe)- в шкафу́
Russian test


Check how much you have learnt in this lesson:

1. The most common Prepositional ending for nouns is "e"   true               false  

2. Which options is correct? Я думаю о...  Россие          России          Россию

3. Which preposition never goes with Prepositional?           после          о         на            в

4. How do you say "in cities" in Russian?      о городах    в город ах    на городах

5. Finish the following sentence: Я говорю о ...    моей подруги   моей подруге    моём подруге 

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