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Lesson 7:
Dative - Part 2

The dative case of adjectives

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Introduction to Russian cases

Introduction to the dative case

When is the dative case used?

Generally, we use the dative case...

  • to express the indirect object: Я даю́ кни́гу моему́ бра́ту - I give my brother a book
  • to express someone's age: Мне 30 лет / моему́ бра́ту 28 лет - I am 30 (years old). My brother is 28 (years old)
  • to say "I like, he likes, etc." using the verb нра́виться: Мне нра́вится фильм - I like the movie
  • to express someone's mood: Мне хорошо́ / мое́й подру́ге пло́хо: I feel fine / My friend is feeling bad

What will we learn in this lesson?

We are going to learn the dative case of different adjectives and pronouns.

Russian vocabulary

Russian vocabulary

Read, listen and repeat the vocabulary of this lesson:

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to lose weight




yummy, delicious





фина́л ко́нкурса

finals (of a contest)




athletic, sporty


competitor, participant




youngest, junior, little



Russian dialogues

Dialogues in Russian

Read, listen and pay attention to the cases used

Extra help: highliged cases + tables

We have highlighted the words in dative. You can also look up these grammar tables while you read the dialogues:

*These tables will open in a new window

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Russian grammar

Russian grammar

Read the following grammar summary. We will learn the cases from this lesson.

The dative Case: Adjetives

In the dialogues we have seen examples of Dative Case (Dat.) in adjectives. Below we will learn more about it

Adjective + Noun in singular

We have highlighted the endings in the tables for each gender.

Masculine: -ому -ему>

  • Э́то мой но́вый студе́нт (Nom.).
    This is my new student.
  • Я даю́ пада́рок моему́ но́вому студе́нту (Dat.).
    I give a present to my new student.

Feminine: -ой -ей

  • Э́то моя́ ма́ленькая сестра́ (Nom.).
    This is my little sister.
  • Я даю́ пода́рок мое́й ма́ленькой сестре́ (Dat.).
    I give a present to my little sister.

Neuter: -ому -ему

  • Э́то моё большо́е существо́ (Nom.).
    This is my big creature.
  • Я даю́ пода́рок моему́ большо́му существу́ (Dat.).
    I give a present to my big creature.

Adjective + Noun in plural

We have highlighted the endings in the tables for each gender.

Masculine: -ым -им

  • Э́то мои́ но́вые студе́нты (Nom.).
    These are my new students.
  • Я даю́ пода́рок мои́м но́вым студе́нтам (Dat.).
    I give a present to my new students.

Feminine: -ым -им

  • Э́то мои́ ма́ленькие сёстры (Nom.).
    These are my little sisters.
  • Я даю́ пода́рок мои́м ма́леньким сёстрам (Dat.).
    I give a present to my little sisters.

Neuter: -ым -им

  • Э́то мои́ больши́е существа́ (Nom.).
    These are my big creatures.
  • Я даю́ пода́рок мои́м больши́м существа́м (Dat.).
    I give a present to my big creatures.
Russian test


Check how much you have learnt in this lesson:

1. Choose the word in dative.

2. What is the dative of "погода"?

3. Which pronoun is NOT in the dative case?

4. Tell the case of the highlighted word: Я даю подругам
dat. singular
gen. plural
dat. plural

5. What is the the dative of "моя хорошая лампа"?
моя хорошая лампа
моей хоpошей лампе
мою хорошую лампу

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