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These are the rul
es of the forum :

How to behave in the forum:
  • This forum has been created to help and get help when learning Russian. The members of this forum share a common interest: the Russian language and its culture. Everyone is invited to join the community.
  • Be polite, do not use offensive words, do not be rude to those whose Russian is not perfect.
  • ALWAYS give a title to your thread/topic, describing what you want to talk about. Never start a thread with titles such as “help”, “how do you say this in Russian?”, “translation”, etc.

No advertising allowed:

  • This forum cannot be used to promote learning websites, language websites or similar online services.
  • Links to websites in order to promote products and/or services of any kind are not allowed.

Posting links and videos:

  • Posting links from sites like Wikipedia or articles in newspapers are allowed to provide extra information in cultural discussions.
  • If you want to post a video from Youtube, you have to copy a code's video. In order to make the code appear, you have make two clicks (in the same order as you can see in the image below). Once you have the code, you have to paste it between this two tags:  <nabble_embed> and </nabble_embed>. Example:
                                           <nabble_embed>paste the code here</nabble_embed>

Don't copy, be original
  • It is not allowed to copy + paste learning materials from other websites or books. When giving a grammar explanation in a post, you should use your own words.

Any more questions?
  • If you have any question about the rules, you can ask in the forum, send a message to any of the moderators or use our contact us form.

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