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Two similar prepositions: против and напротив

In this video we study the difference between the prepositions против and напротив.

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Против means “against” and we use it for example when playing “against” someone or when expressing that you’re not “against” someone else’s opinions/suggestions. Let’s see a couple of examples:

  • Я не буду играть против тебя
  • Если ты хочешь в кино, я не против

Напротив means “opposite” in the sense of an object/building being “opposite” something else. See the example below:

  • Напротив школы есть парк.

Now, let’s see this other sentence with “напротив” :

  • Он был готов к экзамену, а я, напротив, ничего не знал

Here the meaning is “on the contrary”, so in this sentence напротив is not really a preposition since there is no noun afterwards.

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