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Shops in the city

In just 90 seconds you're going to learn 15 new Russian words about the shops in the city.

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We're going to learn how to call different shops from a supermarket to a book shop in Russian.

This is the list with all the word we'll see

  • shop: магазин
  • shopping centre: торговый центр
  • supermarket: супермаркет
  • market: рынок
  • butcher's: мясная лавка
  • >
  • baker's: булочная
  • pharmacy: аптека
  • florist's: цветочный магазин
  • clothing shop: магазин одежды
  • shoe shop: обувной магазин
  • toy shop: магазин игрушек
  • bookshop: книжный магазин
  • newsagent's / newsstand: газетный киоск
  • travel agency: турагенство
  • petrol station: заправочная станция
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