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People: From baby to adult

Today we will learn to name all the stages of a person's life, from childhood until adulthood.

Free videos to learn Russian

We always bring you useful videos where you'll learn new words to increase your vocabulary. Today we're going to learn how to say in Russian different ages of a person, from baby to old.

These are the words you'll see in this video:

  • person: человек
  • people: люди
  • child: ребёнок
  • children: дети
  • boy: мальчик
  • girl: девочка
  • teenager: подросток
  • adult: взрослый
  • man: мужчина
  • woman: женщина
  • old man: старик
  • old woman: старуха
  • pregnant: беременная
  • relative: родственник
  • alien: инопланетянин
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