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Parts of the house

Have a look around your home: ceiling, floor, kitchen,... In just 90 second you're going to learn 15 new Russian words.

Free videos to learn Russian

Do you want to learn useful Russian words?

Then watch our vocabulary videos, In this video you'll learn the different parts of the house such as wall, floor, ceiling, window... and also, the different rooms (living room, bathroom, kitchen,...).

This is the vocabulary used for this video:

  • дом: home / house
  • квартира: apartment
  • дверь: door
  • окно: window
  • стена: wall
  • потолок: ceiling
  • крыша: roof
  • пол: floor
  • комната: room
  • коридор: corridor
  • балкон: balcony
  • спальня: bedroom
  • ванная: bathroom
  • гостиная: living room
  • кухня: kitchen
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