15 Russian words in 90 seconds
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Sometimes you need to know how to call those little creatures. In just 90 seconds you're going to learn 15 new Russian words.

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Do you want to learn useful Russian words?

Now we're going to learn the name of insects and other small animals.

This is the vocabulary used for this video:

  • насекомое: insect
  • муха: fly
  • комар: mosquito
  • пчела: bee
  • оса: wasp
  • муравей: ant
  • паук: spider
  • жук: beetle
  • стрекоза: dragonfly
  • сороконожка: centipede
  • гусеница: caterpillar
  • бабочка: butterfly
  • божья коровка: ladybird
  • кузнечик: grasshopper
  • сверчок: cricket
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