15 Russian words in 90 seconds
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Objects in the kitchen

How do you call in Russian all those objects in your kitchen? In just 90 seconds you're going to learn 15 new Russian words.

Free videos to learn Russian

Do you want to learn useful Russian words?

This time we're going to learn how to call some objects we can find in our kitchen.

These are the words that you can find in this video:

  • кухня: kitchen
  • вилка: fork
  • ложка: spoon
  • нож: knife
  • стакан: glass
  • тарелка: dish
  • стул: chair
  • стол: table
  • сковорода : frying pan
  • кастрюля: pot
  • плита: stove
  • духовка: oven
  • микроволновка: microwave
  • стиральная машина: washing machine
  • холодильник: refrigerator
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