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Animals - Pets

Do you have a pet at home? Maybe a dog or a cat? In just 90 seconds you're going to learn 15 new Russian words.

Free videos to learn Russian

Do you want to learn useful Russian words?

In this video you'll find the name of the most common pets and some other useful words.

This is the vocabulary used for this video:

  • животное: animal
  • домашнее животное: pet
  • собака: dog
  • кошка: cat
  • котёнок: kitten
  • щенок: puppy
  • мышь: mouse
  • хомяк: hamster
  • морская свинка : guinea pig
  • рыбка: fish
  • черепаха: turtle
  • птица: bird
  • аквариум: aquarium
  • клетка: cage
  • поводок: leash
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