Russian course - Lesson 12

Russian course
Basic Russian for beginners

Lesson 12:
Come here and help me

In this lesson you will learn:

  • the imperative: learn how to give orders in Russian
Useful phrase in Russian

Useful phrase in Russian

Listen and repeat the following sentence:

Иди́ сюда́ и помоги́ мне.
i-dí syu-dá i pa-ma-gí mnye.
Come here and help me.

The imperative mood: Both in English and in Russian, we use a verb in the imperative mood whenever we want to give an order. As you will see in this lesson, the imperative in Russian is very easy to form.

Russian vocabulary

Russian vocabulary

Read, listen and repeat the basic vocabulary of this lesson:



good boy/girl!, well done!


here, this way


what happened?

что случи́лось?







very easy

о́чень про́сто

I feel ashamed

мне сты́дно

song / songs

пе́сня / пе́сни

Russian verbs that you will see on this lesson

These are the new verbs that you will learn in the dialogues.


Russian (imperfective verb / perfective verb)

to wait

ждать / подожда́ть

Imperfective verbs:

to ask


to remember


to forget


to hold, to grab


to start


to listen, to hear


Russian dialogues

Dialogues in Russian

With extra help for verbs!

Below you will see three short dialogues in Russian with verbs in the imperative mood.

We are going to help you:

  • The Russian verbs in the imperative are highlighted.

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Russian grammar

Russian grammar

Read the following grammar explanations for this lesson:

The imperative mood in Russian

We use a verb in imperative when we want to give an order or make a request. Look at these examples:

Майкл! Иди́ сюда́!

Пиши́те сюда́ все на́ши пла́ны!

Помоги́те мне, пожа́луйста.

Michael, come here!

Write here our plans!

Help me, please.

In English, to form the imperative of a verb, we remove "to" from the infinitive. To walk --> walk, to write --> write.

In Russian, to form the imperative of a verb, we follow these steps:

  1. We take the 3rd person plural from the present tense.
  2. We remove the ending (in Russian there are four possible endings: ут, ют, ат or ят).
  3. To form the imperative singular: we add if the verb ends in vowel or if it ends in consonant.
  4. To form the imperative plural: we take the imperative singular and we add the ending -те.
  5. Imperative for formal addressing (that is, the one that uses "вы" instead of "ты") is formed also adding -те.

in a reduced number of cases the imperative is formed adding instead of or .


Verb: смотре́ть (to look)

3rd person plural: они́ смо́трят (they look)

Imperative singular: смотри́ (look!), imperative plural and formal: смотри́те (look!).

  • Michael, look what I bought! Майкл, смотри́, что я купи́л.
  • Michael and Lena, look what I bought: Майкл и Ле́на, смотри́те, что я купи́л.
  • Mr Smith, look what I bought: Ми́стер Смит, смотри́те, что я купи́л.

Verb: слу́шать (to listen)

3rd person plural: они́ слу́шают (they listen)

Imperative singular: слу́шай (listen!), imperative plural and formal: слу́шайте (listen!)

  • Listen to the radio. Слу́шай ра́дио.
  • Listen to Russian songs. Слу́шайте ру́сские пе́сни.
Russian test


Check how much you have learnt in this lesson:

1. How do you say to a friend "help me"?
помоги́те мне
помоги́ мне

2. Which one of these forms is not an imperative?

3. When does the imperative end with -те?
imperative plural
imperative formal

4. The informal imperative in plural ends in...
- те
- й
- и

5. The formal imperative singular ends in...
- и
- й
- те

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