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Adjectives - Gender and Number in the Nominative Case

In English adjectives are invariable but in Russian, adjectives agree with the noun they describe in gender, number and case.

In this table you will find all possible endings of a Russian adjective in the Nominative Case.

Gender and number Endings Examples
Masculine singular ый новый стол (new table)
ий маленький стол (small table)
ой большой стол (big table)
ний последний стол (last table)
Feminine singular ая новая лампа (new lamp)
яя последняя лампа (last lamp)
Neuter singular ое новое окно (new window)
ее хорошее окно (good window)
(any gender)
ые новые столы (new tables)
ие хорошие лампы (good lamps)

Remember! You cannot write the letter ы after г, к, х, ж, ч, ш or щ.

That is why adjectives with stems ending in any of those letters have the ending ий instead of ый (or ие instead of ые in plural).

For example: хороший, маленький, большие

Remember! You cannot write an unstressed о after ж, ч, ш, щ or ц.

That's why Russian adjectives with stems ending in those letters have the ending ее instead of ое.

For example: хорошее

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