Learn Russian with comics

Garfield | by Jim Davis

Learn Russian with the stories of Garfield, the laziest and funniest cat in the world. Pay attention to the highlighted Russian words. They will help you improve your vocabulary.

Russian Garfield comic

- I’m already lying here for 83 hours, 17 minutes ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT MOVING.

- Hurray! 10 seconds more and I’ll break my re…

- Damn it!

- Я лежу́ здесь уже́ 83 часа́ 17 мину́т АБСОЛЮ́ТНО НЕ ДВИ́ГАЯСЬ.

- Ура́! Ещё 10 секу́нд, и я побью́ свой ре...

- Чёрт!

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