Russian grammar exercises

Level: Intermediate
Topic: Adjectives in the instrumental case (4)

Instructions: Choose the right INSTRUMENTAL form of each ADJECTIVE (which could be masculine, feminine or neuter).


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*Table: Instrumental case, adjectives.

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    1. русские слова (Russian words)

    2. богатые фирмы (rich companies)

    3. весёлый праздник (merry holiday)

    4. хитрые девушки (sly girls)

    5. модные шляпы (fashionable hats)

    6. быстрый интернет (fast internet)

    7. скучные вечеринки (boring parties)

    8. серый волк (grey wolf)

    9. полезный лук (healthy onion)

    10. холодное утро (cold morning)

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