Russian grammar exercises

Level: Intermediate
Topic: Adjectives in the dative case (3)

Instructions: Choose the right DATIVE form of each ADJECTIVE (which could be masculine, feminine or neuter).


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*Table: Dative case, adjectives.

Number of correct answers on the first try.

    1. широкая улица (wide street)

    2. яркий свет (bright light)

    3. добрые собаки (kind dogs)

    4. дорогая бабушка (dear grandmother)

    5. глупый вопрос (stupid question)

    6. японские посольства (Japanese embassies)

    7. мягкий ковёр (soft carpet)

    8. оливковое масло (olive oil)

    9. вежливые официантки (polite waitresses)

    10. опытный врач (experienced doctor)

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