Russian grammar exercises

Level: Intermediate
Topic: Adjectives in the dative case (1)

Instructions: Choose the right DATIVE form of each ADJECTIVE (which could be masculine, feminine or neuter).


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*Table: Dative case, adjectives.

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    1. популярная певица (popular singer)

    2. фиолетовый цветок (violet flower)

    3. классический балет (classic ballet)

    4. бледные лица (pale faces)

    5. жареная рыба (fried fish)

    6. родная страна (native country)

    7. вкусное блюдо (tasty dish)

    8. сильный ветер (strong wind)

    9. главная площадь (main square)

    10. талантливый писатель (talented writer)

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