Russian grammar exercises

Level: Intermediate
Topic: Adjectives in the accusative case (2)

Instructions: Choose the right ACCUSATIVE form of each ADJECTIVE (which could be masculine, feminine or neuter).


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*Table: Accusative case, adjectives.

Number of correct answers on the first try.

    1. молодые люди (young people)

    2. модная рубашка (fashionable shirt)

    3. короткие платья (short dresses)

    4. весёлый дедушка (cheerful grandfather)

    5. холодная зима (cold winter)

    6. жёлтые гусеницы (yellow caterpillars)

    7. тёплое лето (warm summer)

    8. детские журналы (children's magazines)

    9. интересный фильм (interesting film)

    10. маленькая девочка (small girl)

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