Russian grammar exercises

Level: Beginner
Topic: Feminine adjectives in the instrumental case (1)

Instructions: Choose the right INSTRUMENTAL form of each FEMININE ADJECTIVE.


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*Table: Instrumental case, adjectives.

Number of correct answers on the first try.

    1. длинная борода (long beard)

    2. интересная сказка (interesting tale)

    3. древняя церковь (ancient church)

    4. хитрые девушки (sly girls)

    5. варёная морковь (boiled carrot)

    6. сложная наука (difficult science)

    7. молодые домохозяйки (young housewives)

    8. настоящая любовь (real love)

    9. скучные вечеринки (boring parties)

    10. низкая гора (low mountain)

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