Russian grammar exercises

Level: Beginner
Topic: Feminine adjectives in the dative case (2)

Instructions: Choose the right DATIVE form of each FEMININE ADJECTIVE.


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*Table: Dative case, adjectives.

Number of correct answers on the first try.

    1. родная страна (native country)

    2. тёмная ночь (dark night)

    3. дорогая бабушка (dear grandmother)

    4. прошлая неделя (last week)

    5. немецкие машины (German cars)

    6. популярная певица (popular singer)

    7. простая просьба (simple favour)

    8. вежливые официантки (polite waitresses)

    9. старшая дочь (elder daughter)

    10. сладкие груши (sweet pears)

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