Russian grammar exercises

Level: Beginner
Topic: Feminine adjectives in the accusative case (1)

Instructions: Choose the right ACCUSATIVE form of each FEMININE ADJECTIVE.


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*Table: Accusative case, adjectives.

Number of correct answers on the first try.

    1. смешные шутки (funny jokes)

    2. модная рубашка (fashionable shirt)

    3. умная жена (clever wife)

    4. оранжевая юбка (orange skirt)

    5. старая галерея (old gallery)

    6. больные студентки (sick students)

    7. маленькая девочка (small girl)

    8. первая ошибка (first mistake)

    9. синие лампы (blue lamps)

    10. известная актриса (famous actress)

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