Russian grammar exercises

Level: Beginner
Topic: Masculine adjectives in the accusative case (1)

Instructions: Choose the right ACCUSATIVE form of each MASCULINE ADJECTIVE.


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*Table: Accusative case, adjectives.

Number of correct answers on the first try.

    1. белый шарф (white scarf)

    2. молодые люди (young people)

    3. дешёвые билеты (cheap tickets)

    4. богатый бизнесмен (rich businessman)

    5. красные цветы (red flowers)

    6. бедный адвокат (poor advocate)

    7. интересный фильм (interesting film)

    8. большие слоны (big elephants)

    9. английский завтрак (English breakfast)

    10. розовый нос (pink nose)

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