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There are many things going on in a shop: we see something we like, we try to find a different colour or size, we try it on, we ask for something, we go to pay... you can be shopping in Russia or it can be a Russian coming to your shop. In both cases you'll know what to ask and what to answer. You only have to listen carefully to the audio and learn those phrases you consider most useful:

Summary with images and sound:
We've put together in video the most important words and phrases to help you memorize them.
After watching it, you can read and listen to all the vocabulary we've prepared for this topic.

Useful phrases when you are the client:
Useful phrases when you talk to a client:

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Can I help you?

It doesn't matter how the shop looks like (big or small, in a nice shopping centre or in a small narrow street), there's a phrase you'll always hear: "Can I help you?". Let's start with this and then see other related sentences:

  Здра́вствуйте. Вам помо́чь?
Hello, can I help you?
zdrást-vuj-tye. vam pa-móch?

  Нет, спаси́бо.
No, thank you.
nyet, spa-sí-ba

  Да, пажа́луйста.
Yes, please.
da, pa-zhá-lus-ta

  Мо́жно э́то посмотре́ть?
Can I see that?
mózh-na é-ta pas-ma-tryét?

  У вас есть...?
Do you have...?
u vas yest...?

  Извини́те, у нас э́того нет.
Sorry, we don't have that.
iz-vi-ní-tye, u nas é-ta-va nyet

  Ско́лько э́то сто́ит?
How much is it?
skól-ka é-ta stó-it?

  Э́то сто́ит...
This costs...
é-ta stó-it...

Where can I try it on?

With a bit of imagination you can gesture to express "where can I try it on?". Hopefully they'll understand you. But it gets complicated if you want to say "do you have a different colour?". Don't worry, now you'll learn to say it:

  Вы хоти́те это приме́рить?
Would you like to try it on?
vy ha-tí-tye é-ta pri-myé-rit?

  Мо́жно это приме́рить? Где?
Can I try it on? Where?
mózh-na é-ta pri-myé-rit? gdye?

  Вы хоти́те друго́й разме́р / цвет?
Would you like a different size / colour?
vy ha-tí-tye dru-gój raz-myér? tsvyet?

  У вас есть друго́й разме́р / цвет?
Do you have a different size / colour?
u vas yest dru-gój raz-myér / tsvyet?

  Вы хоти́те разме́р побо́льше / поме́ньше?
Would you like a bigger / smaller size?
vy ha-tí-tye raz-myér pa-ból-she / pa-myén-she?

  Я хочу́ разме́р побо́льше / поме́ньше.
I want a bigger / smaller size.
ya ha-chú raz-myér pa-ból-she / pa-myén-she

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I like it / I don't like it

It's the moment to take a decision: Do you like it or not? As you can see in the list below, we don't mention anything about payments. We have a section on paying where we talk about money, paying and even bargaining over prices:

  Вам нра́вится?
Do you like it?
vam nrá-vi-tsa?

  Мне нра́вится / Мне не нра́вится.
I like it / I don't like it.
mnye nrá-vi-tsa / mnye nye nrá-vi-tsa

  Вы э́то берёте?
Are you taking this?
vy é-ta bye-ryó-tye?

  Я беру́ э́то.
I'm taking this.
ya bye-rú é-ta

  Э́то на пода́рок?
Is it for a present?
é-ta na pa-dá-rak?

  Мо́жно упакова́ть как пода́рок?
Could you gift-wrap it, please?
mózh-na u-pa-ka-vát kak pa-dá-rak?

  Вы хоти́те э́то верну́ть?
Would you like to return this?
vy ha-tí-tye é-ta vyer-nút?

  Я хочу́ э́то верну́ть.
I want to return this.
ya ha-chú é-ta vyer-nút

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