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Russian dialogues with audio

Listen to real Russian: Here you have the chance to put into practice your listening comprehension with real conversations. The following dialogues have been recorded by Russian native speakers. They are divided in three levels, from basic to advanced. You can read and listen at the same time, but it’s best when you only listen without reading: that is where the real challenge is.


My best friend
Мой лучший друг
tiempo libre
Free time
Свободное время
A normal day
Обычный день
Where are you from?
Откуда ты?
jarra de cerveza
Beer, please
Пиво, пожалуйста


corte de pelo
álbum familiar
My family album
Мой семейный альбом
What a strange hobby!
Какое странное хобби!
A big favour
Большая просьба
Where to go on holiday?
Куда поедем в отпуск?


I hate housework!
Ненавижу работу по дому!
Anya has a new boyfriend?
У Ани новый парень?
hombre musculoso
My ideal man
Мой идеальный мужчина
patinaje artístico
Figure skating
Фигурное катание
avión y tren
By plane or by train?
Самолётом или поездом?

When should I start listening to dialogues? We recommend you to start as soon as possible, even if you don’t understand everything. If you don’t know any Russian yet, visit our courses section where you can take your first learning steps. Once you have done the first 5 lessons from the basic course, you can start listening to the dialogues for beginners that you can find here. Then, you can complement lessons and dialogues to make your learning more entertaining. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything, that’s part of learning a language and Russian isn’t an exception.

Russian video course with tutor