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each video includes the full text in Russian + a vocabulary list

Cartoons are good for you: The vocabulary used in cartoons is easier to understand than the one used for example in films or books. The reason is simple: cartoons are usually created for children, and that is taken into account when writing the dialogues. With that idea in mind, you can understand that, as a learner, watching cartoons is good for you. Both the story and the dialogues are easy to follow and understand, making this a good option for learning the Russian language before getting into reading books or watching films. Try one of the stories bellow and learn some new words today.

russian cartoon blue bird
russian cartoon pink pig
russian cartoon pig hedgehog

russian cartoon

Title: Ишь ты, масленица

Learn Russian with all these cartoons

Click any of the stories below and watch it. We’re written all the text from the video so you can easily follow the dialogues. We have also highlighted some words in blue that we think you should remember. Along with the text, you will find a vocabulary list with the translation of those words.

Smeshariki 'Талисма́н'
Smeshariki '-41ºC'
Smeshariki 'Лёд'
Smeshariki 'Сомнамбула'
Smeshariki 'Взаперти'

How to transform a cartoon into a useful Russian lesson: When you watch one of these videos, first watch it without reading the text. Don’t concentrate on every word they say, but try to understand the story. Even if you don’t know 50% of the words they use, you’ll be able to follow the story. Afterwards, read the text (you’ll find it below the video) paying attention to the words highlighted. You can also look up in a dictionary the words you don’t know, although you don’t have to understand everything. Finally, watch for a second time and you will have had a complete Russian lesson with many important elements: listening comprehension, reading skills and new vocabulary practice.

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