Videos to learn Russian


Hundreds of words and phrases are waiting for you

Click any of the images below and start watching the video: It’s that simple. Choose a topic, click any image and the video will pop up in a new window. You can choose from these topics:

  • Phrasebook with videos: Start speaking Russian right now
  • Basic vocabulary: essential words in any language
  • Vocabulary classified by topics: for those who want to learn more
  • Love phrases: express your feelings in Russian

Phrasebook: learn useful phrases

What are we going to learn? Phrases that you’ll use in real conversations.
We recommend this to… everyone that wants or needs to say something in Russian. We recommend these videos specially to tourists or workers of tourist areas.
What can we do to learn more? Visit our Russian phrasebook for tourists, where you’ll find more phrases with audio.

Basic vocabulary for beginners

What are we going to learn? The alphabet and your first words (numbers, colours, the months,…).
We recommend this to… everyone curious to learn those words that we use very often.
What can we do to learn more? If you haven’t done it yet, visit our Russian courses.

Love phrases in Russian

What are we going to learn? Phrases to show our love.
We recommend this to… those who need to express their feelings in Russian.

Can videos help us learn Russian? We all love watching videos. We sit, relax and click the play button. If we learn something in the process, this will have happened without much effort. Taking this into account we’ve prepared these series of videos. They are short (most of them are under 2 minutes long) and have enough help to avoid any effort from you: The Russian words that appear in the videos are written in Cyrillic and come with a transcription (to help you know how to pronounce them) and also include the English translation. Besides, every word is read by a Russian native speaker.

With these videos you’ll be exposed to Russian vocabulary to watch, read and listen. And you only have to click the play button.